"Golden blossom's" Luna


Aan De Rode Beek - Emma
Abenthan Bell
Absolut Alpha von der Kaninhütte
Absolut First Rasmus Garonera
Absolut Happy von der Klever Schwanenburg
Absolute Power's Antony
Absolutely Tristan Garonera
active asics chanouk
Active Asics Comes to Flaming Rockstars
Adoring Leo of Mountain Forest Glade
Aik Arthos vom Dunkelschlag
Aimée vom Mühlenbend
Alan Miles of Seaside Amber
Aldagessem's Dual Fortune Cookie
Alliance de la Vie Fox Finder
Ally vom Niederauer Schlösschen
Alma´s Ace vom Himmelsberger Wald
Amazing Myrtha Of Mayfield Manor
Amazing Petite My Golden Sunshine
Anastazia van de Everse Akkers
Andras Janne vom Dunkelschlag
Anton vom Brachvogelfeld
Arbeiter Nena von den Ruhrpottkindern
Autumn Delight Quest of Heart


B & Int. FT Ch Jane Des Ormeaux De Villebeton
B. & Int. FT Ch. Fendawood Huntsman "Hunter"
B.FTCH Moonlight Of The Charmed Angel JAYJAY
Back to the Roots Gold-Skin Jack
Back to the Roots Greta
Back to the Roots Hunter
Back to the Roots I am Pepper
Back to the Roots Infinity
Back to the Roots Into the Sky
Back to the Roots Ivy
Backbraes Carling
Bajazzio Chester from golden lake of miracles
Basil of t'Angels Court
Beautiful hunter finn (keegan)
beautiful hunter lana (Bluebell)
Beautiful Hunter Moon
Beautiful hunter Nash
Beechbrook Chief O'Hara
Beechdale's Finch
Beechdale´s Licence to Kill
Bel Ami Belge - Oh la la - Owen - if you may find
Bell Oktave Clooney
Bell Oktave Countess
Bella vom Brinker Feld
Birdsgreen Cadet
Birdsgreen Cadet
Black Magic of Hell's Doli
Blackthorn Wild Jagger
Blackthorn X-Inch
Bleech vom Reckberg
Blossom of Sweep’s Legacy
Bob stevens gundogs
Bonfire Frieda of Mayfield Manor
Bonfire Milly of Mayfield Manor
Bonfire Ruby of Mayfield Manor
Bonfire Worker Awesome Dash
Bonfire Worker Blueberry
Boreas Brahn from Maryboss dream
Boreas Maila from Marybos dream
Brave Noodles di Siena vom Palmblick
Brenjon Hetty
Bright Yeth vom Oemberger Moor
Brightonyx Q'Blackwoods (Woody)
Broomlanes Grace
Brown Boy Chewbacca of the Naughty Dogs
Bruno terra marique
Bubilotti's All in one Prinz Samu
Buccaneer the High Spirits Toller
Buck vom Mitteldeich (Buck)
Burrendale Wookiee
Bux of Royal Pleasure


Cabellou's Perfect Blend
Cairngold’s Cadderlie Wicket
Canna Dea's History of Murphy's Law
Captained Canal Crosser's Ivo
Castle Village Ash (Knut)
Castle Village Avon
Cawood Sky
Cerbel Bittern
Cerbel Cheer
Cerbel Edison
Cerbel Hope
Cerbel Hunter
Cerbel In Love
Cerbel Mark My Words
Cerbel over the Moon
Chapeau Chilli Pepper von der Kaninhütte
Charming Bridget Passion Of Gold
Charming Caragh of ivy-clad House
Chelsea vom Schmiehetal
Chester little Dragon from Fire Fighter
Chesters'Mill Bess
Chestnut Hunter Olympia
Chestnut Hunters Rudy
Chico Ruby Ronja v.d. stam de Duffelt
Chipmunk's Henk
Cigdem auf Sechzigmorgen
Classic Lab's Encore Flora
Classic Lab's Storm
Clockwork Bushmills
con fuoco rumour has it
Connivence Makita
Cool and classic as Pepper
Cool Coffee Arlet Star
Cool Marker's Foster
Cooper's Golden Brave Breeze
Cooper's Golden Candid Crimble
Cooper's Golden Dedicated Skadi
Cooper´s Golden Brave Fame
Cooper´s Golden Candid Boots
Cooper´s Golden Candid Clyde
Copperlake Ninja
Copperlake Ranger
Copperlake Raven
Copperlake Romeo Engelbert
Copperlake Roxy
Copperlake Ruby
Covellyn's Black Archer BJCh
Crazylake Afrika
Crosshairs Abba
Crosshairs Crashing


Danube Boondocks Amber DHENYA
Dark Noble's Journey to the Stars
Dashing Fly of Nature's Garden
Dawning Fields Mila
De Beire Arlet Star
dee v.'t jagersgilde
Deep Impact Bambery
Deep lake paco
Deep Lake Pebbles of Starcreek
Delighted Hunter Cheerful Milou
Delighted Hunter Cheerful Yuma
Delighted Hunter Diamond Candy
Delighted Hunter Enjoy Rocky
Delighted Hunter Glory Hennah
Delighted Hunter Glory King Lui
Delighted Hunter Glory Rocky
Delighted Hunter Glory Yuri
Delwyn vom Strumhügel
Delwyn vom Sturmhügel
Diamond In The Sky Black Brianta (Skye)
Diamondflats Blanchett
Dock of sweep’s legacy
Dovers Marliese of Enigmatic Patience
Dream First Tor Garonera
Dreamlike Easy Golden Cosmo
Dual's Hope Lewis
Dual's Hope Mitchell
Dual's Hope New Girl Jinx
Dual's Hope Precious Basco
Dual's Hope Proud Lucca
Dual's Hope proud to be called Plum
Dual's Hope Prudence
Dual's Hope Quiee
Dual,s Hope Royal Liam
Duckflight Eye on Jackdaw
Duckflight Eye on Magpie
Dufte Dinky Bee von der Kaninhütte
Dundoll's Choice Bailey
Dundoll's choice chelsea
Dundoll's Choice Cheyenne
Dundoll's Choice Colin
Dundoll's Choice Connor
Dutch Duke Floating Current
Dutch Harvey Floating Current
Dyana' Lys N'Joy Next New Hope "Naska"
Dyana' Lys N'Joy Next New Hope "Naska"


easy rider of magic trust
Easy vom Lohner Brook
Einstein Dark Angel of Eternity
Elizabeth Keen v.h. Haesdal
Elza's Memory Raffa De Champagne
Elza's Memory Remus de Champagne
Epke fan it Fryske Wetterlân
Etosha of Semmlers Black Treasue
Etu Duncan of Catwiesels Whirlwind
Evaine von der Klifflinie


Fågelsjöns Fixa
Falling in Love Finja the golden light of Joy
Feathwood Mc Muppet
Fencer Nelson
Fendale Gin Sling
Fendawood Jubilee
Fendawood Nevada
Fenna Kremer van het Haesdal
Fenway Delphina (Gin)
Finn de Kroosthappers (Timme)
Fir green Alley
Fir green Archer
Fir Green Ash
Fir green Cash
Flaming Rockstars Lord Watson
Flat passion's Quite Freaky but Fancy
Flat-Hunter's Strilie Eye Candy
Flatgold's Colour of the Night
Flatgold's Do It My Way
Flatgold's Fearless Stunning Farrell
Flatgold's Flying Shadow
Flatgold's Full Steam ahead
Flatgold's I Believe I Can Fly
Flying Kangaroo Rallo
Follow My Lead Red Hot Chili Pepper
French-Quarter-Friend's D'Artagnan
French-Quarter-Friend's Eclipse
FT CH Truro
FTCH Kyara of the Charmed Angel
FTW Oberon Of The Charmed Angel
Funnyline Fieldquest Leo´s Magic (Sam)
Funnyline Fieldquest Pest
Fynn vom Stückstein


Garrethall Teal
Garrethall tweed
Gayton's Crown des Fields de Mauny
Gerundo Red Rain to Flaming Rockstars
Gin from the Gundog farm
Gin vom alten Trappistenkloster
Gladline Merlin
Glenbriar Darcy
Go Back As Good As it Gets (Lara)
Go Back Brothers in Arms
Go Back Fifty Shades Darker
Go Back Take the Money and Run
Go Back Walk in Line
Godwit (Skyler)
Golden Lining Absolute Zora
Golden Lining Blazing Jagger
Golden Worker Discovery Dundee
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Corry
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Joy
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Raven
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Raven
Golden Worker Fast and Furious Chenok
Golden Worker Hurricane Ryder
Golden Worker Jump'n run Thyron
Good Girl Yentl vom Walderkamm
Grace Brooks True Friends (Eva)
Graceful Attitude Quite right of Mvr
Graceful Attitude Roy
Greenfoot Spey
Greenpond Emma
Gundog's Choice Eddie
Gundog's Choice Emmelie
Gundog's Choice Eskin
Gundog's Choice Fellow
Gundog´s Choice Dark Summer
Gundog´s Choice Dark Summer
Gundog´s Choice Ecco "Nike"
Gundog´s Choice Ferdinand
Gundog´s Choice Flame (Lemmy)
Gundog´s Choice Flatcher
Gundog´s Choice Flint
Gundog´s Choice Flinte (Purdey)
Gunner Summer of a Quiet Spot


Haggis of the Spring Cottage
Handsome Hidde the second off april
Happy Lilly My Golden Future Dream
Hazel Of The Spring Cottage
Heather of the Spring Cottage
Henderick Team Williams
High Beech Teuntje
Hillfields Brayley
Hillfields Mowsley
Holland`s Brad of Upperclaws
Hollygreen's Brilliant Love Shot
Hollygreen`s Brilliant Merlin
Honey Rose Fort Hell Labradors (Pepper)
Honey-Moon aus Aquis-Grana
Hope Fellow for Life
Hope Town of Gina's Home
Hopeful Soulmate Charming Hazel Copperfield
Hormic Red Yima the Dreamworker
House of Bella's Vic
Huels' Hunters Lenny
Hummer of the Spring Cottage


I'm Kaya aus Aquis-Grana
Iceroot's Dottie
Iceroot's Dwynwen
Iceroot‘s Chiaro
Iceroot‘s Faith
Iceroot’s Elsa
Ihilien‘s Orithil
Impress Inoa The Second off April
Int FT Ch. Think Twice Uh La La La
INT. FTCH Westmacott Heidi (Shiva)
Int.FTCH Lesser Burdock Balan
Int/B Ft Ch De Dee Arlet Star


Jace Hot Summer Of Chamebe Dreams
Jace Red Flame of Chamebe dreams
Jace Rising Star of Chamebe Dreams
Jacomo by Beauregard Louvaneila
Janice aus Aquis-Grana
Jersey Girls Patch
Jersey girls Railey
Jixx of the Spring Cottage
Jobeshill Blue Nile (Bobby)
Joker of the Spring Cottage (Dexter)
Jondis Abby vom Wachtberger Ländchen
Jule vom Wachtberger Ländchen
Juri vom Keien Fenn


Kaliture Jolly Be Good
Karla vom Wachtberger Ländchen
Kate of Gina's Home
Kathy of the Spring Cottage
Kay of the Charmed Angel
Kayah of Great Pleasure
Kayenne Of The Charmed Angel
Kazz Of The Spring Cottage
Keep an eye on AHA's Ida
Keeper of the Spring Cottage
Kensteen Rocket
Kessy vom Wachtberger Ländchen
Kimber vom Wachtberger Ländchen
Kingsdale Meadow Action Hero
Kingsdale Meadow Cinnamon
Kjäll of the Spring Cottage
Kroonkennel's Okira
Kroonkennel's Only You
Kroonkennel's Opine
Kroonkennel's Overdrive
Kroonkennel's Payka
Kroonkennel's Philou
Kroonkennel's Puk


Limetrees Golden Crimson of Karlotta
LiNeeta of Gina's Home
Little Frieze Mr.Hobson
Liu of Gina's Home
Liza from Ulysse's Spirit
Lochnabo Keep in Touch
Loreca's Conrad
Loulou des Fields d‘Est
Love Thing v.d. Loenense Hoeve
Loyal Tess v.d. Hooydamhoeve (Abby)
Luc Skywalker du Clos des Facons
Luca vom Keien Fenn
Lucille Ball of the Naughty Dogs
Lucille Ball of the Naughty Dogs ( Gipsy)
Lucky bramy du clos des vignes savrony
Lucky des Bords de Sange
Lucky des Bords de Sange
Luise vom Belauer See (Springer Spaniel)
Luther v.h. Haesdal (MAX)


Marancha's Dream Rebel Black Magic
Marancha's Dream Ripley
Marley de la Légende de l'Or du Rhin
Marlow Brook's True Friends
Martinique of Red Glory
Masters of Water Iska
Masters of Water Nelson
Masters of Water Nice
Masters of Water Nott
Masters Of Water Olivia Sophie
Masters of water Only born to be the « Best »
Masters of Water Onyx
Mayflower Dancer's Kero
Mayflower Dancer's Onyx
Mayflower Dancer's Rainbow Huntress
Mayflower Dancer's Ruadhan-Hunter
Meadowlark Little Kelly
Mekoro Dust Bowl
Menno M
Messi M
Midnight Lovers Jimmy`s Dream
Mistybrook Echo
Mistybrook Estefan
Monty Of Mystirious Pride
Moonlight-Mara of Mystirious Pride
Muschelsucher Capone (Luc)
Muschelsucher Chili Pepper


Nanaimo Cassin's Fiery Norell
Nessa Brook`s True Friends
Nette's Golden Tal Hazel
Nette's Golden Tal Ilia
Nette's Golden Tal Kingston
Nette's Golden Tal Louise
Nette's Golden Tal Maite
Nette's Golden Tal Marlo
Nette`s Golden Tal Jari
Nette`s Golden Tal Lavie Leefke
Never change Gasper (Barney)
Never change Ghandali
Never Change Happy Hero
No Doubt of Zofie's Choice
Noë of Sharon's Hometown
Nononzus of great pleasure (Zus)
Nostro Bruno umbra fida
Now I'm here LARRY of Happy Flats
Nyota Iloenga van het Bevershof


O'Flanagan Tout Feu Tout Flammes
O-Connie-O from Ulysse's Spirit
Of Eager Spirit Hold The Line
Oliver Of Sweetmeat's
Oliver vom Gerretsfeld
One Shining Little-Star
Only you of Mystirious Pride
Opium des Quatre Cyprès
Origi from Ulysse's Spirit
Orkan from Ulysse's Spirit
Othello of Sunniness
Otto (Mulan van de Waterlandspolder)
Owen of Glaharama


Paartal Pioneer' Lessa
Paartal Pioneer's Ivy
Pacey vom Keien Fenn
Pacha of't Angels Court
Patrasche of Sharon's Hometown
paula vom Fallenbergs-Hof
Phien of Sharon's Hometown
PhilGill's Easy
Philgill's Lucy
Philgill's Skylar
Philgill's Sprinter
Philgill's Tear
Philgill,s Stitch
Phoenix vom Keien Fenn
Pikachu's Pride of Chicquera's Crown
Pinedale Braylach Rigby
Pinedale Gayle
Pippa Marie du Vivier au Bois
Play Mor Raisin The Bar
Pocket des Quatre Cyprès
Polarfischer Fittipaldi
Polihale Samuel Adams
Powee’s a yellow one
Praetorium Latobicorum's Rusty
Prestadet's Mr Ben (Mylo )
Preziuos Pippa of Hunter's Wish
Pride of Greenyard A Kind of Magic
Prince van Artésendal
Priska des Quatre Cyprès
Proud Mika vom Tomberg


QTPie a Bullet for a Dime of Perfect Promise
QTPie Hit the Bullseye Of Perfect Promise
QTPie in Black Tie of Perfect Promise
Quattro From The Gundog Farm
Queen Nayla
Querfeldein Enero
Questing Q Hopeful Cooper
Quick Stepers Fairytale
Quick Stepers Faried
Quick Stepers Holly
Quick Stepers Idgie
Quince of Sweep's Legacy
Quincy Van Kassiershof
Quirin vom Keien Fenn


Ragweed's Trip
Ragweeds Defender
Ragweeds Grand Wheeler
Rainbow Gold Enya of Great Pleasure
Raven From The Gundog Farm
Rebel Blend Daddy Longlegs
Rebel Blend Ginger Quill (Gwen)
Rebel blend hairy prince green butt(Noxx)
Rebel Blend Muddler Minnow (Woofer)
Red Calypso’s Duck Rock River Gem ( Niels)
Red From The Gundog Farm
Red Tolling Fellow Ambitious Elmo
Reedbed Chili Cayden
Reedbed Cornflower Gemma
Rhineferry's Cookie monster. ( Sven)
Rhinefield's Be off the Hook
Rhypyker Teasel
Ricciarelli Dolce Unico of Perfect Promise
Ricciarelli Pollice Alto of Perfect Promise
Robenda Cassiopeia
Rocket Star Pippa
Rocket Star Poirot
Rocket Star Quality Time
Rocket Star Quarius (Dzjengis)
Roxy Golden Lovers
Rush Kisses The Story Of My Life
Rushhunter Alpina Atomic Jonah


Saami Tujia vd stam de duffelt
Sasawot Agoston Splinter
Sasawot Agotha Lany
Sasawot Andras Boycie
Sasawot Aranka Sterre
Sasawot Aranyu Sinne
Sasawot Follow The Sun
Sasawot Here Comes The Sun
Seven (Tammy van de Waterlandspolder)
Shane From The Gundog Farm
Share the Moments with Black Fjell
Shiny in the sky Ceyla ( Umi)
Silent Worker's Elroy
Silent Worker´s Ebony
Sky my Melodie of Golden Spirit
SL JollyChoc's Firefly
SL JollyChoc´s Enya
SL JollyChoc´s Eternal Doc´s Duke
Speed `n Style Be my yellow Bali
Speed´n Style Especially for me Raven
Speed´n Style Finally my girl
Spirit of Chippewa Achmik
Starcreek Nomi
Starcreek Omen
Starcreek Quarterback
Still Loving You Of Eager Spirit
Stonehunter Inka Green
Stonhunter Pietra Piet


Tewbell's Carbon Jane
Think Twice Beyond the Shadow of Doubt
Think Twice Something or Other
Think Twice Zinger
Thorn Mill Proud Paddington
Thornmill Knight
Thornmill Primrose Phantasy
Thornmill Rowan Rascal
Thornproof Kharoo
Tigermilk D Mulan
Tofts Love Her Madly at Thornmill
Tofts People Are Strange 'Lucy'
TQ Kenai
TQ Pyke
TreasureYarden´s A.J. Ruby Tuesday
Tyne (Mika)
Typical Male v.d. Loenense Hoeve (Bing)
Tyrrellison Onyx


Viertje my Melodie of Golden Spirit
Vlaklands Lot
Von der Mohnenfluh Agnetha Liv


Way of the world v.d. Loenense hoeve
Welcome to my life Ashanti
Weljesten Pearl Au
Wencke from Sieg-River (Mala)
Westforest Fox Astir Lani
Westmacott Jael "Hazel"
Westwood Cottage By My Side Marly
Whispering Oaks Noble Finale Nike
Whispering Wind It's friendship Ronja
Wildbird Röda Snöstorm
Winchmore Bet Your Bottom Dollar
Windingbrooks Autumn Leon
Windwood's Diamond in the Dark
Windworker's Dartford
Windworker's Deane
Windworker's Devon
Windworker's Dolphin
Windworker's Eldorado Evo Mo
Windworker's Endless Mountain
Windworker's Endless Mountain
Windworker's English Teak
Windworker's Firelilly
Windworker's Foxglove
Wolfeca Bootz
Wolfeca Dragonfly Dashing
Wolfeca Rose Evolution
Wood Fen Gundogs On-Ji
Wood fen Nikita
Woodlanddogs Nice Girl Nell
Work for Pleasure Active Leia


Xpressive Segno vom Lech-Toller Nest


Yellow Lady Of the Naughty dogs ( Nikki)
Young Spirit Gentle Mind Velvet
Young Spirit Hopeful Joplin


Zealous Worker Blyth
Zealous Worker Brooklyn
Zero to hero Black Brianta
Zusenzo Vosje Louis (Vosje)