Aan De Rode Beek - Emma
Aan De Rode Beek Messy
Abbotsross Acer (Cullen)
Abenthan Bell
Absolut Alpha von der Kaninhütte
Absolut First Rasmus Garonera
Absolute Power's Antony
Absolutely Tristan Garonera
Adoring Leo of Mountain Forest Glade
Agile Kent of Mountain Forest Glade
Aik Arthos vom Dunkelschlag
Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Working Secret
Aldagessem's Dual Fortune Cookie
Alex van Rosa’s Tienmorgen
Alliance de la Vie Fox Finder
Ally vom Niederauer Schlösschen
Alma vom Fichtenhorst
Almanza Northern Windproof
Alma´s Ace vom Himmelsberger Wald
Altiquin Ivory
Amazing Acis my Golden Sunshine
Amazing Myrtha Of Mayfield Manor
Amazing Petite My Golden Sunshine
Andras Janne vom Dunkelschlag
Aquamarin terra marique
Ares of Hunters Passion
Ares Terra Marique
Azia Passion of Gold


B. & Int. FTCH. Jane Des Ormeaux De Villebeton
B. & Int. FTCH Ragweed's Keed
B.FTCH Moonlight Of The Charmed Angel JAYJAY
Back to the Roots Gold-Skin Jack
Back to the Roots Hunter
Back to the Roots I am Pepper
Back to the Roots Infinity
Back to the Roots Into the Sky
Back to the Roots Ivy
Backbraes Carling
Backbraes Carling
Bajazzio Chester from golden lake of miracles
Barney's Great Adventure
Basil of t'Angels Court
Beautiful Baer from just Goldens
Beautiful hunter finn (keegan)
Beechdale's Finch
Beechdale's Firebird
Bell Oktave Clonney
Bell Oktave Countess
Bente vom Evers Land
Berryroam Tulip
Black Forrest of Hunter´s Passion
Black Impression Kailey
Black Impression Kaithlynn
Black Magic of Hell's Doli
Blackfen Olive
Blackthorn Booster (Tom)
Blackthorn Lakja
Blackthorn Merga
Blackthorn Propus
Blackthorn Wonderful Rivka
Blackthorn X-Inch
Blackthorn Yago
Blackthorn Zkinny
Blackwoodriver-Tollers Cora of Ayper
Blake Utopy of Rimmlingen
Bleech vom Reckberg
Bob stevens gundogs
Bonniebrook`s Dulsie Day
Borby's Born to be wild Camy
Brave Noodles di Siena vom Palmblick
Bravo Bayuna von der Kaninhütte
Brenjon Hetty
Bright Yeth vom Oemberger Moor
Brown Boy Chewbacca of the Naughty Dogs
Brown Hunt's Heartbreaker Finlay
Bubilotti's All in one Prinz Samu
Buccaneer the High Spirits Toller
Buck vom Mitteldeich (Buck)
Bud van d‘ Münkeboer Möhlen
Burrendale Wookiee


Caja vom Schellenberger Wald
Call Stoke of Mountain Forest Glade
Caltansis Silver Pleasure
Camcor Chuck
Candy Store Pimms
Canna Dea's History of Murphy's Law
Caribbean Rumba of Red Glory
Carlo vom Besenpuhl
Carlotta vom Schellenberger Wald
Casarrondo Daer Gwîn adan
Casarrondo Dail Quendi sell
Castle Village Alvin (Ayk)
Castle Village Ash (Knut)
Castle Village Avey
Castle Village Avon
Castle Village Ayla
Cawood Sky
Celio of Livery Dayliva's Angels
Celtic Boyka a Summoner's Tale
Celtic Falco a Summoner's Tale
Celtic Julie a Summoner's Tale
Cerbel Beaver ( James)
Cerbel Cheer
Cerbel Edison
Cerbel Elisabeth
Cerbel Geoffrey
Cerbel Hope
Cerbel Hunter
Cerbel In Love
Chapeau Chilli Pepper von der Kaninhütte
Charming Caragh of ivy-clad House
Chelsea vom Schmiehetal
Chesscurl Bright Pearl
Chester little Dragon from Fire Fighter
Chesters'Mill Bess
Chestnut Hunter Olympia
Chestnut Hunters Rudy
Chestnut Hunters Vivian
Chico Ruby Ronja v.d. stam de Duffelt
Chipmunk's Elmo
Chipmunk's Gamine
Cigdem auf Sechzigmorgen
Cinderella Fellow for Life
Clancallum Pepper
Classic Lab's Encore Flora
Classic Lab's Storm
Clever Forever Fullmoon Fergus
Clockwork Bushmills
Collin from golden lake of miracles
Cool Coffee Arlet Star
Cool Marker's Foster
Cool Mint Arlet Star
Cooper from golden lake of miracles
Cooper's Golden Brave Breeze
Cooper's Golden Brave Duncan
Cooper's Golden Candid Crimble
Cooper´s Golden Brave Fame
Cooper´s Golden Candid Boots
Cooper´s Golden Candid Clyde
Copperlake Ninja
Copperlake Nova
Cornamang Silverbirch
Countryfair v.d. Bleckinkhof
Covellyn's Black Archer BJCh
Crazylake Afrika
Crosshairs Abba
Cynhinfa Mara


Danube Boondocks Amber DHENYA
Daredevil Ellie of Mountain Forest Glade
Dark Devotion Tender Treasure
Dark Noble's Journey by Moonlight
Dark Noble's Journey to the Stars
Dark Noble's Journey To Your Heart
Dark Noble's Journey with my Jewel
Dashing Fly of Nature's Garden
Davina von der Klifflinie
Dawning Fields Mila
Dayna von Thelenhof
Dazzling Dawn of Nature's Garden
De Beire Arlet Star
De Dee Arlet Star
Debbie Dea Lissy Dark Angel of Eternity
dee v.'t jagersgilde
Deep Impact Alley dancing a Jig of Glee
Deep Impact Bambery
Deep Impact Brooks
Deep lake paco
Deep Lake Pebbles of Starcreek
Deep Lake Peper
Delighted Hunter Cheerful Milou
Delighted Hunter Cheerful Yuma
Delighted Hunter Diamond Candy
Delighted Hunter Diamond Maja
Delighted Hunter Enjoy Danger
Delighted Hunter Enjoy Rocky
Derrygowns Aidan
Devil's Paintbrush Falco Chicquera
Dibsy vom Landgöding
Doro's Gismo Fellow for Life
Double Nut Cookie of Mountain Forest Glade
Doubleuse The One
Dreamlike Easy Garfield
Dreamlike Easy Golden Cosmo
Dual Bente Vd Hooydamhoeve
Dual's Hope I am Flo
Dual's Hope Lady Fleur - Fleur
Dual's Hope Lewis
Dual's Hope Lord Finley
Dual's Hope Lou
Dual's Hope Miss Evy
Dual's Hope Mitchell
Dual's Hope Nicam
Dual's Hope Prudence
Duckflight Crested Lark
Duckflight Derrygown Linn
Duckflight Eye on Gadwall
Duckflight Eye on Jackdaw
Duckflight Eye on Magpie
Dufte Dinky Bee von der Kaninhütte
Dundoll s Choice Avalyn
Dundoll's Choice Anthony
Dundoll's Choice Atreyu
Dundoll's Choice Avalyn
Dunehills Kindfmagic
Dutiful Josie of Golden Attention
Dyana'Lys Jump Jocker's Jinx "Jessy"
Dyana´Lys irish Firefly


easy rider of magic trust
Easy vom Lohner Brook
Eaven vom Kleinen Hülser Berg
Eckhard vom Gut Kuhla
Elaisa Fellow for Life
Elijah Jack of Catwiesels Whirlwind
Elza's Memory Raffa De Champagne
Elza's Memory Remus de Champagne
Elza's Memory Tuscan de Champagne
Emmanygan Satch
Energetic Abby of Mountain Forest Glade
Evaine von der Klifflinie
Everest Hazel von Kühlem Grund


Faithful Heart HollyCole
Feathwood MC Megan of Kroonkennel‘s
Feathwood Mc Muppet
Fendawood Guardian
Fendawood Huntsman "Hunter"
Fendawood Jubilee
Fenna van de Golden-Jagers
Fernshot Zest
Filurin Taxus
Fir green Alley
Flaming Rockstars Lodewijk
Flaming Rockstars Lord Watson
Flat-Hunter's Strilie Eye Candy
Flatfield's Abigail
Flatgold's Dragonheart
Flatgold's Barnsley
Flatgold's Colour of the Night
Flatgold's Do It My Way
Flatgold's Fearless Stunning Farrell
Flatgold's Flying Shadow
Flatgold's Full Steam ahead
Fleur Summer sea breeze of Chamebe Dreams
Flying Kangaroo Gallo
Flying Kangaroo Holly
Flying Kangaroo Ighor
Flying Kangaroo Narvi
Flying Kangaroo Noud (Boy)
Flying Kangaroo Ona
Franky of Gina´s Home
French-Quarter-Friend's Cannelle
French-Quarter-Friend's D'Artagnan
French-Quarter-Friend's Eclipse
Fridayman mick van de bleckinkhof
FTW Go Back Running on Faith (Beau)
FTW Kyara of the Charmed Angel
FTW Westmacott Heidi (Shiva)
Füllesdriller Brix
Funnyline Fieldquest Kimcote


Gaia vom Heveser Hoff
Garrethall Quiff
Garrethall Teal
Geelke von der Wegwarte
Gerundo Red Rain to Flaming Rockstars
Gille D' Aspe & D'Ossau
Gin from the Gundog farm
Gin vom alten Trappistenkloster
Gin vom alten Trappistenkloster
Gladline Juli
Gleen Mhor's Wisper
Go Back Aberlour
Go Back Blankney
Go Back Brothers in Arms
Go Back Finlaggan
Go Back Walk in Line
go on dopey the second off april sky
Godwit (Skyler)
Golden Lining Absolute Zora
Golden Lining Blazing Jagger
Golden Shenandoah It is Billy Blue
Golden Teamplayer Anny
Golden Worker Best Naomi
Golden Worker Challenge Georgia
Golden Worker Discovery Dundee
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Corry
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Delco
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Joy
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Raven
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Raven
Golden Worker Enthusiastic Zwalu
Golden Worker Fast and Furious Brooklyn
Golden Worker Fast and Furious Chenok
Golden Worker Fast and Furious Shannon
Golden Worker Hurricane Harley
Golden Worker Hurricane Ryder
Golden Worker Incredible Fynn
Golden Worker Incredible Iowa
Grace Brooks True Friends (Eva)
Green Boy of the Naughty Dogs. Roepnaam: Flyer
Greenfoot Spey
Gundog's Choice Chess
Gundog's Choice Eddie
Gundog's Choice Emmelie
Gundog´s Choice Bono
Gundog´s Choice Chelsea
Gundog´s Choice Dark Summer
Gundog´s Choice Ecco "Nike"
Gundog´s Choice Flame
Gundog´s Choice Flinte
Gwendolin von der Wegwarte


Haggis of the Spring Cottage
Hailix Golden Acorns AC/DC Aenghus
Handsome Hidde the second off april
Happy Lilly My Golden Future Dream
Happymover Gene-Floyd
Haredale Tarn
Hazel Of The Spring Cottage
Head Over Heels Ruby Of Eager Spirit
Heather of the Spring Cottage
Henderick Team Williams
Henry vom Wachtberger Ländchen
Hera du Rau d'esch
High Beech Teuntje
Hillfields Brayley
Hillfields Crumley
Hillfields Killiney
Hillfields Mowsley
Holland`s Brad of Upperclaws
Holly vom Wachtberger Ländchen
Hollygreen's Brilliant Love Shot
Hollygreen's Brilliant Tame
Hollygreen's Cardamon Dream
Hollygreen`s Brilliant Merlin
Honey Rose Fort Hell Labradors (Pepper)
Honey-Moon aus Aquis-Grana
Hope Town of Gina's Home
Hopeful Soulmate Charming Hazel Copperfield
Hoshi of the charmed angel
Huels Hunters Delilah
Huels' Hunters I am Hailey
Huels' Hunters Ileni
Huels' Hunters Kallistos
Huels' Hunters Lenny
Hummer of the Spring Cottage
Hunter's Moonlight Bluebell Gwendolyne
Hunter's Moonlight Kir Royal Chianti
Hunterview Achilleus
Hunting Ike v/d Craneburcht
Hunting Raven v.d. Craneburcht


I'm Kaya aus Aquis-Grana
I'm Oscar of Gina's Home
Iceroot's Dottie
Idole du Rau d'Esch
Illustrious Arwen of enchanted garden
Impala du Rau d'Esch
Indigo Red des Fields de Mauny
Int FT Ch. Cool Face Arlet Star
INT FTCH Abbotsross Trefynwy of Rebel Blend
Int.FT.Ch. Cerbel Ambassador
Int.FTCH Masters of Water I am the Boss
Int.FTCH Waldstürmer Bond
Int.FTCHLesser Burdock Balan
It's Magic of Creme Puff


Jace Rising Star of Chamebe Dreams
Jackanape's True Miracle
Janice aus Aquis-Grana
Jayjayjoy of Angels Court
Jersey Girls Ocean Bree
Jersey Girls Patch
Jersey girls Railey
Jill's Summer Breeze of Sir Geof
Jobeshill Blue Nile (Bobby)
jobic des fields de mauny
Jogi von den Rheurdter Kuhlen
Joker of the Spring Cottage (Dexter)
Jolie Joelle du Domaine de Maliba
Jolly good worker Aimees Taylor
Josephine des Fields de Mauny
Joy van den Tessenhoek


Kaliture Jolly Be Good
Kaliture Ruby Wishes
Karlo of Sharon's Hometown
Kasomor's Roy to Cashel Vale
Kate of Gina's Home
Kate of sharon's Hometown
Kay of the Charmed Angel
Kayah of Great Pleasure
Kayenne Of The Charmed Angel
Kazz Of The Spring Cottage
Kik Gana
Kinclaith Angus
Kingsdale Meadow Action Hero
Kingsdale Meadow Art
Kingsdale Meadow Ashitaba
Kingsdale Meadow Aurum
Kingsdale Meadow Bobo
Kjäll of the Spring Cottage
Konan Of Cypress Hilltop
Kornay Hunting Xcellent Grille
Kroonkennel ' s Jef
Kroonkennel's Izegrim
Kroonkennel's Jente
Kroonkennel's Jones
Kroonkennel's Okira
Kroonkennel's Only You
Kroonkennel's Opine
Kroonkennel's Overdrive
Kroonkennel's Ozzy
Kroonkennel's Philou
Kroonkennel's Puk
Kroosthappers Saar


La Demisa After Eight (Whistle)
Lea from Ulysse's Spirit
Lilleburne Skategard Gavin
Limetrees Golden Crimson of Karlotta
Limitless Chazz
Liu of Gina's Home
Liza from Ulysse's Spirit
Lochiness Devil's Backbone
Lochnabo Keep in Touch
Loreca's Conrad
Loreca´s Baghira
Lovely Leonore of Cape Makkovik
Loyal Fire v. d. Hooydam Hoeve (Tess)
Loyal Gunner van de Hooydam Hoeve
Loyal Tess v.d. Hooydamhoeve (Abby)
Luca vom Keien Fenn
Luise vom Belauer See (Springer Spaniel)


Macadamia Games of Highland Gismo
Maja De Maer
Mandaral First Edition
Martinique of Red Glory
Masters of Water Ellie
Masters of Water Holway
Masters of Water Iska
Masters of Water Lancelot
Masters of Water Leffe Ruby
Max v.h. Muntenbos
Maxwoods arising Sky (Skully)
Mayflower Dancer's Kero
Mayflower Dancer's Lilly-Rose
Mayflower Dancer's Onyx
Meadowlark Little Kelly
Meadowlark Rakkaani
Meallan Allanmore
Megore Mynoosa vom Keien Fenn
Meister JP Diamond Passion Cut
Melby`s A dream like Finn
Menno M
Messi M
Mika of 't Angels Court
Mike From The Gundog Farm
Millgreen Petrel
Mira, Qat Beautiful Drug of Perfect Promise
Miss Tral des Tourbière de la Souche
Mistybrook Tosca
Montgomery von der Linzer Höhe
Monty Of Mystirious Pride
Monwodelea Domdaniel
Moonlight-Mara of Mistyrious Pride
Morrisdale Coldplay
Moving Power Always In Your Heart
Muschelsucher Chili Pepper


Nanaimo Cassin's Fiery Norell
Nelson des Quatre Cypres
Nette's Golden Tal Aiko
Nette's Golden Tal Champ Filou
Nette`s Golden Tal Jari
Nette´s Golden Tal Flashlight Finnegan
Never change Gasper (Barney)
Never change Ghandali
Never change Hazel
new miracle of sunshine's valley
Nightingale`s Fellow Marvellous Mila
Ninastirith Pennyways (Owain)
Nirvana van de Gouden Graal
No Doubt of Zofie's Choice
Noë of Sharon's Hometown
Nononzus of great pleasure (Zus)
Nostro Bruno umbra fida
Nouna of Deeply Satisfied
Nyota Iloenga van het Bevershof


O-Connie-O from Ulysse's Spirit
Oberon Of The Charmed Angel
Oliver Of Sweetmeat's
One Cappuccino Of Westbrook Castle
One Shining Little-Star
Onelson of Sunnines
Only you of Mystirious Pride
Opium des Quatre Cyprès
Origi from Ulysse's Spirit
Orkan from Ulysse's Spirit
Othello of Sunniness
Otis of Mystirious Pride
Our Amazing Black Rose of Fellow Workers
Our Guy Of Sweetmeat's
Owbey vom Drestder Steenbarg


P'zzazz Nine Fine Irishmen
P'ZZAZZ Princess in Puddles of Love (Pippa)
Paartal Pioneer's Ivy
Pacey vom Keien Fenn
Paddy from Ulysse's Spirit
Paging Lucy of Graceful Delight
Patanavac Phillipa
Patrasche of Sharon's Hometown
Patron of ' t Angels Court
paula vom Fallenbergs-Hof
Perfect Magical Mystery Of Sunshine's Valley
PhilGill's Easy
Philgill's Khenzie
Philgill's Kody
Philgill's Lucy
Philgill's Sally
Philgill's Tear
Phinegean Coda of Golden Summerby
Phoenix vom Keien Fenn
Pikachu's Pride of Chicquera's Crown
Piktook's Elmfield Avery
Pinedale Gayle
Pocket des Quatre Cyprès
Polarfischer Fittipaldi
Polihale Samuel Adams
Prestadet's Mr Ben (Mylo )
Preziuos Pippa of Hunter's Wish
Prince van Artésendal
Priska des Quatre Cyprès
Proud Mika vom Tomberg
Purple Emperor Of Cheerful Tails


Quattro From The Gundog Farm
Querfeldein Arena
Querfeldein Enero
Quick Stepers Fairytale
Quick Stepers Faried
Quick Stepers Finley
Quick Stepers Frederic
Quick Stepers Garron
Quick Stepers Georgina
Quick Stepers Ginevra
Quick Stepers Glenlivet
Quick Stepers Holly
Quickrunners Amazing Maja
Quincy Moe my Melodie of Golden Spirit
Quizz my Melodie of Golden Spirit
Quo vadis Quintus umbra fida


Ragweed's Ease
Ragweed's Trip
Ragweeds Flower
Ramble Rose Of Westbrook Castle
Raven From The Gundog Farm
Red Devil Vendsyssel's
Red Tolling Fellow Ambitious Elmo
Red Tolling Fellow Ambitious Liam
Reedbed Adele
Renssor Evilicious Elijah
Renssor Heartbreaker
Renssor Iced Diamond Mila
Rhineferry's Cookie monster. ( Sven)
Rhypyker Teasel
Robenda Aquilla
Robenda Cassiopeia
Rocket Star Inspiration (Abby)
Rocket Star Noor
Rocket Star One and Only
rocket star pepsi
Rocket Star Pippa
Rocket Star Poirot
Rocket Star Quarius (Dzjengis)
Rosemary from Nova's Power
Rus N' Riv NyyTråå You Are The One
Rushhunter Alpina Atomic Jonah
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Frida


Saami Tujia vd stam de duffelt
Salvador dali of Upperclaws
Sasawot Agotha Lany
Sasawot Andras Boycie
Sasawot Aranyu Sinne
Sasawot Arpad Bogdán
Savage Run Ice
Savage Run Kieron
Share the Moments with Black Fjell
Shiny in the sky Ceyla ( Umi)
Silent Worker's Elroy
Silent Worker´s Ebony
Sky my Melodie of Golden Spirit
SL JollyChoc's Chani
SL JollyChoc's Emilia
SL JollyChoc´s Baldur
SL JollyChoc´s Danish Digger
SL JollyChoc´s Enya
SL JollyChoc´s Eternal Doc´s Duke
Soinneanta Finnegan
Söklustens All Inclusive At Greenyard
Speed´n Style Apricot Lilyen
Speed´n Style Bond, James Bond
Speed´n Style Boyd
Speed´n Style Especially for me Raven
Speed‘n style Amy
Spirit of Chippewa Achmik
Stanroph Such A Nice Guy
Starcreek Infinity
Starcreek Logical
Starcreek Nomi
Starcreek Omen
Stonaway's Piece of my Puzzle
Stonehunter Gradac Glenn
Stonehunter Ice White Hope
Stonehunter Inka Green
Stonehunter Julie Rose
Stonehunter Kivia Pepper
Stonehunter Napoleonit
Stonehunter Nero Impala
Stonehunter's Luna
Stünkel's Banja
Swaantje von Tobi's golden Lana
Swaine Kobresia


Tammy van de Waterlandspolder (Seven)
Teammate Fides
Tewbell's Carbon Jane
Tewbell's Carbon Jean
Tewbell´s Carbon Joe
Think Twice George Gershwin
Think Twice Ginger Tam's Bella Coola
Think Twice Go Get It
Think Twice Something or Other
Think Twice Uh La La La
Think Twice Zinger
Thorn Mill Proud Paddington
Thornmill Kes
Thornmill Knight
Thornmill Primrose Phantasy
Thornproof Kharoo
Thornproof Twice Lily- Joy
Tingledales Brave Marlowe
Tofts Love Her Madly at Thornmill
Tofts People Are Strange 'Lucy'
TQ Kenai
TQ my Skidge
TQ Pyke
TQ Rough Desert
TQ Rupert
TQ Vasou
TreasureYarden´s A.J. Ruby Tuesday
Tweednous Pixel
Tyne (Mika)
Tyrrellison Joe
Tyrrellison Onyx
Tyrrellison Star Ruby
Tyrrellison Star Ruby


Urmel vom Angelfeld


Vidar (Rhineferry's Chips Ahoy)
Viertje my Melodie of Golden Spirit
Vindögats Rimfrost
Vlaklands Jason
vlaklands play off
vlaklands sambo
Von der Mohnenfluh Agnetha Liv
Voulez Vous Van De Loenense Hoeve / Joy


Welcome to my life Ashanti
Weljesten Pearl Au
Welldox Arrow
Wencke from Sieg-River (Mala)
Westmacott Jael "Hazel"
Whispering Labs New Charm
Whispering Oaks Geronimo
Whispering Oaks Noble Finale No-Yes
Whispering Oaks Noble Finale 'No Yes'
Whispering Oaks Noble Finale Nike
Whispering Wind It's friendship Ronja
Wildbird Röda Snöstorm
Windworker's Apaced Keenai
Windworker's Black Pepper
Windworker's Caltrop
Windworker's Capers
Windworker's Dartford
Windworker's Deane
Windworker's Devon
Windworker's Dolphin
Windworker's Eldorado Evo Mo
Windworker's Endless Mountain
Windworker's English Teak
Windworker's Escoural
Wolfeca Bliss
Wolfeca Bootz
Wolfeca DeeDee Dashing
Wolfeca Demisa's Steffy Comics
Wolfeca Dragonfly Dashing
Wood Fen Gundogs On-Ji
Wood fen Nikita
Woodfen Kamiel
Woodlanddogs Nice Girl Nell
Woodlanddogs Niceguynorman


X-Factor Jayne Of Mountain Forest Glade
Xpressive Segno vom Lech-Toller Nest


Yellow Lady Of the Naughty dogs ( Nikki)
Ylyo's Lively Sybèl v. Telgter Spreng
Young Spirit Brave Papina


Zealous Worker Alec